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volunteer opportunities in South America

Are you looking to explore the continent of South America? Would you love to help underprivileged children by making a difference in their lives? Then IFRE’s volunteer opportunities in South America offers you the best chance to explore and discover your passion.

IFRE has programs that focus on education, childcare, healthcare, HIV/AIDS awareness, animal care, environmental conservation, construction, community development, women’s empowerment, and much more. It covers everybody’s line of interest and passions. IFRE’s programs spans across 18 different countries between Asia, Africa, and Latin America. There’s a program from everyone!

Joining the volunteer opportunities in South America program with IFRE is a trusted means for making a safe and satisfying volunteer experience abroad.

Your effort can change lives of millions of people! Contact us now if you want to travel the world while making a difference in the lives of many!

Benefits of joining volunteer opportunities in South America

There are many benefits from joining the South America volunteer opportunities. This is one of the best introductions to the vastly diverse continent, giving you an unparalleled experienced. It’s an incredible opportunity to experience a safe, life changing, and fun volunteering opportunity.

See below for the many benefits:

Helping Others

When you volunteer, you are making a direct impact on the people affected by your cause. Whether you’re taking care of malnourished infants, fostering an abandoned or abused pet, or building a home for a family in need, you are making a change to lives. One of the most essential things that all people need is connection. By volunteering abroad you help create and build connections.

Learn Something New

Learning new skills to enhance your career outlook is one of the most valuable benefits of volunteering. The volunteer opportunities in South America experience provides you countless opportunities to learn new practical, social and communication skills that will help you thrive as a human being.

Raise Awareness

When you volunteer, you will be helping raise awareness for a cause and organization. You will likely do this without realizing it by talking to your family and friends about your volunteering time in South America experiences and the lessons you’ve learned throughout the process.

See the World

One of the most exciting benefits of volunteering is the opportunity to see the world and travel to places you might never have considered. The volunteer trips to South America programs get you off-the-beaten track to discover a side of the world beyond the brochures and to have a culturally immersive experience. It’s truly the best opportunity to build life skills, while getting to see the world at the same time.

Building Community

The world today has become self-centered and individualistic, which is gradually eroding the benefits of community. South America volunteer opportunities are a great way of rebuilding community. It does this by helping to cultivate friendships by create stronger bonds between friends, family and coworkers as they are brought together to work for a cause that is bigger than themselves, and larger than life.

IFRE’s best cheap volunteer opportunities in South America

IFRE offers a wide range of Volunteer opportunities in South America giving you a range of options to choose from. Whatever your purpose, desire, passion and location, you will never regret your decision while working with IFRE. Below, you will find various volunteering opportunities that best fits your interests:

Health Project in Peru

There are many people in Peru who are deprived of proper health care, as facilities are expensive and not easily available. This is more prevalent in the rural areas where most of the poor indigenous people live.

People have to cover huge distances to get fundamental medical care and in the process many succumb to curable diseases, which is tragic. To avoid this from happening and making treatment accessible to every Peruvian, IFRE has created volunteer trips to South America that largely support medical professionals and establishments.

When you join this volunteer work in South America health care project, you will be supporting and helping in health clinics or hospitals by spreading awareness of sanitation. You’ll also perform checkups and assist the doctors or nurses. In your free time, you can visit the fascinating Andean nation, swarming with national parks, leaving you impressions of the Incan and Spanish culture, and much more. All these experiences will change your perspective on life, while helping to make a difference in the lives of people in needy.

Orphanage Project in Mexico

Mexico reminds you of its vibrant culture, colorful lifestyle, and beaches, however, it has another side, that involves poverty and deprivation, which is a widespread epidemic in Mexico that has led to number of children being homeless. They are forced to live a life of orphans and find their future confined to the streets. There are few orphanages that provide housing, education, clothing, and food for these children. However, the orphanages are underfunded and lack enough manpower to properly care for the children. For this reason IFREs volunteer opportunities in South America programs work towards uplifting the lives of these orphaned children and give them a means to lead their life in a safe and care free environment

While being a volunteer in Mexico, your role during volunteer trips to South America program would be to act as their mentors, teachers and friends for these children. Also, you will be providing much-needed assistance to the local staff to provide much-needed assistance to the children. Your volunteering efforts will brighten up the lives of the children of Mexico. Also, you’ll be able to enjoy the gorgeous beaches of Mexico while practicing your Spanish skills as you soak in the rich Mexican culture for the humanitarian cause of working with the children.

Teaching English in Ecuador

The universal language of English is on the rise in Ecuador, sadly though, adequate English teachers are scarce. For its booming tourism industry a sound command over the language of English is vital for seizing important job opportunities in the competitive market. IFREs has created the volunteer work in South America program to focus on providing English teachers to the local schools.

Your role as a volunteer in the South American volunteer program is to work either urban or rural schools, teaching English conversational skills to the children. You will also be mentoring, guiding, and act as friend for them. Your efforts will profoundly impact the lives of these children.

HealthCare in Guatemala

Guatemala is still in its development phase and faces a massive problem of providing basic healthcare facilities to all its people, especially the rural segment. Therefore, IFRE’s volunteer opportunities in South America project teams up with hospitals in rural areas and strive its best to make the necessary healthcare facilities and treatment accessible to these people.

While helping the people in need you will be providing your medical know-how and expertise to assist the hospitals and clinics with daily activities, organizing various healthcare campaigns, tracking and keeping patient’s records, distributing medicines, and providing necessary counseling to the patients. This will prove to be an enriching experience for you, while sharing your medical expertise.

Turtle Conservation in Costa Rica

Do you love sea turtles? Are you looking for a career in wildlife conservation? IFREs has created this volunteer trip to South America program so you can save the turtles habitats of this endangered species by helping them to grow in numbers and to stop them from vanishing from this earth.

Your role during the volunteer work in South America project is to protect the sea turtles nesting population by safeguarding the nests from poachers and threats caused by beach erosion. Apart from this you will also be working alongside the local community, helping to introduce and implement various management strategies. You will also spend time in a rescue center rehabilitating turtles that are injured and sick.

This wonderful project will add a new dimension to your life, while helping these amazing sea turtles to increase their population in a safe and sound environment.

Handicraft Project in Brazil

Most of the Brazilian women from the low income areas, (especially the favelas – shanty towns) are largely dependent on the male population to take care of them and their children. This is due to the lack of education, and income producing skills that are required to lead a self sufficient life. For this reason IFRE has created the volunteer opportunities south America project to provide these women with the necessary support, motivation and life-skills they need.

This South America volunteer program promotes entrepreneurship and teaches the local women to learn a variety of handicraft skills, such as sewing, painting, pottery, candle making and many more. These skills enable them to become financially independent and increase their social network. This project brings a lasting positive impact to the lives of these women.

Professional Support

Are you an experienced professional, who is keen to share your skills and experience? Are you interested in traveling abroad? IFRE has created the volunteer opportunities in South America so you can to use your skills to help variety of projects and programs gain professional experience.

As a part of the volunteer work in South America project, you will be working with governmental and small NGO’s to create structure, human resources, provide knowledge and bring other factors required for development. You will be using your  skills and expertise in the areas of professional support that include communication, management, administration, public relations, events, promotion and tourism. You’re professionalism and expertise will add new dimensions to the lives of these people and help them grow, sustain and become exceedingly efficient in all their future endeavors.

Besides volunteer opportunities in South America, IFRE also provides a great range of other volunteering programs, including adventure trips, family volunteer opportunities, community service trips for high school students, and animal conservation volunteering abroad projects. Get in touch with IFRE today to learn about the places and programs!

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