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Volunteers are in no way required to give gift to host families while volunteering abroad. That being said, it is a nice gesture and a lot of volunteers tend to bring something as a present. You may be asking yourself “Do I need gift for host families?” As most volunteer organizations place volunteers with host family as a part of culture immersion, you will be spending lot of time with them. Giving them small gifts shows your appreciation of their hospitality and kindness. Having a nice relationship with host families will make your stay more rewarding and memorable. If you read volunteer testimonies online, you will see that most volunteers are very happy with their host families. Many even explained that their host family was a major rewarding part of their volunteer abroad experience. Hence, let us help you understand why and how to give gift to host families while volunteering abroad in this section!

What kind of gift will be good for host family?

You will find hundreds of gift ideas for host families while volunteering abroad. There is no definite rule for giving gift to host families while volunteering abroad. However, small boxes of candies, chocolates, and souvenirs would be good gifts for your host family. They will definitely appreciate your thoughtfulness and kind gesture!

Do I need to bring gifts for the project?

Again, it is not compulsory to bring gifts for the project that you are volunteering in. However, if you will joining and orphanage or teaching project, you will be spending a lot of time with children. The little ones will be delighted with even simple, inexpensive toys and gifts. Additionally, many orphanages in the developing countries are extremely poor and are in dire need of help. A lot of orphanages do not have enough clothes, blankets and other daily necessities of life. Bringing essential items like this would help these poor communities immensely!

If you are planning to bring gifts for the project, please contact your country coordinator and request for the list of items that are urgently needed. Please do not bring gifts without asking whether it is actually needed, as it may turn out to be a waste your time and money.

What kind of gifts would be good for the project?

As volunteers usually bring gifts for children, it is advisable to bring education, recreational, or daily-need items. Educational gifts could be coloring books, crayons, pens, pencils, notebook, story books, and stationary. Recreational gifts are such as soccer balls, board games, and toys. Daily-need items are such as clothes, shoes, blankets, breakfast cereals, powdered milk, and health supplements.

While it is not required to give gift to host families while volunteering abroad, it is indeed a nice gesture that would be greatly appreciated by them! You do not need to buy expensive items, even small, cheaper souvenirs would be good, as it is the thought that matters! Check out www.goabroad.com/blog/2013/01/17/presents-presence-family for more ideas!

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