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Name: Lemeeka Rana
Country of Volunteer : Bali
Travel Date : Jun 9 2018
Project of Volunteer : Sea Turtle Conservation and Teaching at a Primary School Program Combined

Overall, has the best and the most rewarding week of all time. General feedback: - The roles and responsibilities description was very detailed however the schedule was less stricter then the document made out to be - If pictures and videos of volunteers who had done the program before would have been more helpful and provided a true picture of what was to be expected - More prompt response from the country coordinator would have been more reassuring -e.g. perhaps IFRE to highlight it is better to reach out to them through Whatsapp - Country coordinator to provide the location of the accommodation prior to the trip would have been helpful since we had no idea until we got there Other than that, the whole process was very smooth and got prompt response from IFRE with any queries answered at all time.I have recommended IFRE to most of my colleagues and friends :)

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