Are you a doctor, a medical student, a nurse, or a health care professional? Are you looking for a real hands-on medical volunteer abroad opportunity, where you will serve impoverished communities and will share your passion for and expertise in healthcare?

Then, look no further. Unlike other medical volunteer abroad programs where you only shadow local doctors, with IFRE Volunteer’s hands on medical volunteer program, you will have ample opportunities to get involved directly with the treatment of local patients.

IFRE Volunteer’s hands-on medical volunteer overseas programs are part of exceptional initiatives around the world that work to provide healthcare services to people in places where they might not have the means to access the care that they need and deserve otherwise.

As part of one of IFRE Volunteer’s hands-on medical volunteer abroad opportunities, you will work to provide comprehensive healthcare services to those who are struggling. Your commitment to one of these hands-on healthcare volunteer abroad programs has the power to change and improve lives!



Join our medical volunteer abroad program in Nepal and help provide proper healthcare to poor people who cannot afford it


Volunteer in India medical project and assist local doctors, nurses and health staff to gain real world medical experience


Enroll in healthcare volunteer abroad program in Peru and help improve poor people’s access to proper medical treatment

Sri Lanka

Help bring basic healthcare to Sri Lankans from low-income households by joining medical volunteer abroad program in Sri Lanka

Costa Rica

Lend a helping hand in bringing basic healthcare to those who might not otherwise receive it by opting for healthcare volunteer program


Join our healthcare volunteer program in Ghana and work with local doctors and nurses to bring basic healthcare to rural communities


Lend a helping hand to provide necessary healthcare support to poor and disadvantaged people in Guatemala


Gain real world medical experience while participating in medical and healthcare volunteer abroad program in Kenya


Volunteer in Tanzania and work with local doctors, nurses and health staff to ensure proper medical care and treatment to poor communities

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