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IFRE volunteers, a volunteer abroad program of Institute of Field Research and Expedition (IFRE) specializes in ongoing, year-round volunteer abroad projects available for 2 weeks to 12 weeks in 18 countries throughout Asia, Africa, and Latin America .

Wherever you go IFRE's volunteer experience starts with one week language and cultural immersion program giving volunteers an in-depth understanding of language basics,

local culture, regional issues, and ways of life before the start of program.

In each of the countries, IFRE has its own facilities and experienced staffs. We are excited to report the development of our internships with the possibility for college credit in most our countries; registration is now open for 2011 and 2012. IFRE, a 501(C) 3 non-profit organization, is committed to providing you a meaningful volunteer abroad program.

Internship Abroad
Intern across the world in grassroots organizations, helping children, HIV/AIDS, poverty and MORE!
Summer Volunteer
Meaningful summer volunteer opportunities with cultural immersion, volunteer service project, and travel
Hope for Orphans
Africa and Asia urgently need your help and support to provide programs for orphaned children.
Medical internship
Join an opportunity to gain hands on medical experience in developing countries.