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Volunteer to Teach English Abroad


Are you looking for a volunteering opportunity to teach English Abroad? Do you want to bring a change to the lives of deprived people by volunteering to teach English?

English is a universal language, therefore, making  knowledge of the language an ideal opportunity to give those less fortunate an upper hand in many fields. Become a part of the English teaching program abroad to experience the joy of volunteering work! Working for the welfare of others will add a sense of accomplishment to your life.

Consider IFRE for your volunteering program as we provide the best volunteering projects and programs in 18 different countries across the world. You can choose your desired program from hundreds of volunteering programs. Through IFRE’s volunteer English teaching abroad program, you will get to choose from a wide variety of programs in one of the following country’s; Cambodia, India, Sri Lanka, Ghana, Tanzania, Brazil, Ecuador and Mexico.

Join us to make the world a better place. Ask for more information now!

Benefits of Volunteer to teach English Abroad

Improves your Social and Relationship Skill:

People are different in nature; some are social and outgoing, while some are shy. If you are shy, then volunteering abroad will give you the opportunity to improve your social skills. You will learn to practice and develop social skills as you work with new people. You never know how many lifelong associations you will make through volunteering!

Adds a sense of fulfillment to your life:

You can volunteer at any age. The only thing you need is the drive to serve people. There are many powerful benefits to volunteering. Your small contribution may turn out to make a significant impact on the lives of people from underprivileged groups. The volunteering abroad program of teaching English will also give you the opportunity to become a part of a community while adding a sense of fulfillment to your life.

You will get Health Benefits:

The volunteering program is good for your mind and body as it  helps to combat  the effects of stress, anger, anxiety and depression. Research shows that the mortality rate of  people who volunteer is lower than those who don’t. Volunteering lessens the chances of having chronic pain, heart disease and high blood pressure. Older volunteers tend to cope with everyday tasks.

Aids in your Personal Growth:

Volunteering opportunities will give you a chance to increase your confidence level, learn new skills and even take up new challenges. You will meet new people, which will give you an opportunity to see things in a new light. Challenging situations will make you aware about your strength, weaknesses, ability and limitations.

You will be travelling to new place:

The Volunteering abroad  teaching English program will give you an opportunity to travel to new places. Travelling broadens your knowledge and gives you a new perspective. You can bask in the natural beauty of the new place and experience the culture of the region. Being culturally aware and respecting the culture is important in this day and age.

Popular Projects of IFRE under Volunteer to teach English Abroad

IFRE offers different volunteering opportunities in 18 different countries around the world and you have the liberty to choose from 200 different projects.

Teaching English in Cambodia

Many Cambodians are living in poverty and the citizens cannot afford to send their children to private  school to learn English. Community/  state schools and orphanages receive less funding so learning English is considered luxury.

You do not need any specific skill or qualification to participate in teach English abroad volunteer program, but a degree in education or teaching certification is preferred. Non-native English speakers with fluency in English are also welcome to join the project.

As a volunteer you will be teaching English in public schools, orphanages and universities. Helping students with their homework and supporting their academic progress will be part of your volunteering role. You will be assisting in creative or extracurricular activities, like games, singing, dancing and drawing.

Teaching English in India

Many poor children in India cannot afford to study in private schools that teach English or join private lessons for English. English isn’t included in the curriculum of primary or public schools. IFRE is collaborating with local schools to make a difference in the lives of underprivileged children by teaching English in India.

While participating in the teaching English program abroad in India, you will be teaching as an independent teacher or assisting  local English teachers. You will be teaching in government schools, but if you don’t get placement in government schools, then you will be teaching in semi-government or private school. Organizing extracurricular activities like singing, dancing and other creative activities will be part of your responsibility.

Volunteers do not need any specific skills or experience to participate in this program but a degree in education  and having prior teaching experience is preferred. Your passion in serving the children will make a huge difference!

Teaching English in Sri Lanka

English is a universal language, meaning understanding it  opens new opportunities. But due to illiteracy and poverty, parents and children are deprived of receiving a quality education. Also, having a good command over English is a requirement to compete in an international job. IFRE is collaborating with local schools to help  deprived children to receive good training in the English language through the Teach English abroad program.

You do not require any specific qualifications to enroll in this volunteering program in Sri Lanka besides your good teaching skills. Volunteers are expected to be warm and caring towards the children. Your passion to serve the children will play a significant role.

The volunteering opportunity of teaching English abroad program will take you to the local schools. You will be teaching English in the age group of 8 to 21 years and teaching both written and spoken English. You will also help arrange and be involved  in extracurricular activities like art, music, sports, and others as well as helping the school administration.

Teaching English in Ghana

The demand of English in Ghana is growing slowly, especially among teenagers. Many people in Ghana speak English, however, they have issues with grammar and pronunciation. Receiving a quality education of English is still a struggle in the public school system, so through the project of teaching English in Ghana IFRE aims at helping the government in this area.

You do not require any specific teaching qualification or specific skills to teach the students, but a degree in education or teaching certification would be considered a plus.

As a participant of the volunteering abroad program of teaching English, you will be leading a class (if you are a qualified or experienced teacher), or  like most of the volunteers you will be assisting the local teacher. A class consists of 20-60 students and you will be following the school curriculum of English. You might not only be teaching English, because math, science and sport classes will need your assistance as well.

Teaching English in Tanzania

The idea of receiving a quality education of English is a distant dream for many students in Tanzania. Many public schools in the rural areas as well as private schools of Tanzania are seeking  qualified English teachers. IFRE is collaborating with different schools via sending volunteers to teach English, to make a difference in the life of underprivileged children.

You will be working as an English instructor in Tanzania. Volunteers will be working for around 2 to 3 hours a day, 6 days a week, in primary, secondary and high school. You will be working mostly as an assistant English teacher. Supporting the school administration as well will be appreciated. You will also be  organizing games, singing, drawing, dancing and taking part in other creative activities.

You do not need any specific qualification to join the teaching English volunteer program abroad, apart from having proficiency in spoken and written English. Native English speakers are appreciated but anyone with fluent English can join the program and make a difference.

Teaching English in Brazil

Students from low income areas called favelas or shanty towns are deprived of learning English due to little funds and few good teachers. Due to deprivation of learning good English, children may lose out on job opportunities. Also, lacking the knowledge of the English language could cost the children opportunities in blooming tourism and the hospitality industry of Brazil.

While volunteering to teach English abroad, you will be  assisting local teachers and schools and even devising plans in teaching conversational English. You will also be helping the children with their homework and life skills, including sewing, cooking, painting, gardening and cleaning. You will also be giving valuable lessons in personal hygiene and sanitation.

A specific qualification isn’t required to participate in this volunteering program in Brazil. Your passion and enthusiasm will play a vital role in the volunteering program. It will be better if you know Portuguese, but it isn’t a requirement. You will be expected to be patient and flexible  with the children while volunteering.

Teaching English in Ecuador

There is a high demand of English teachers in Ecuador. The student with good spoken and written English can get better opportunities in life. IFRE is collaborating with various local schools in Ecuador to bring a positive change in their lives.

A person with knowledge of basic or intermediate Spanish is preferred. If you can’t speak Spanish, then you can get enrolled in our Spanish language course, which will make your interaction effective! Volunteers are expected to be patient, flexible and adaptive while dealing with children during your volunteering program of teaching English abroad in Ecuador. You should maintain a dress code with no shorts or sleeveless shirts being allowed. Maintaining a presentable appearance without tattoos or piercings is a must.

You will  either be teaching English or assisting in teaching  different levels, like kindergarten, elementary and high school. If you like you can teach other subjects, such as  mathematics, computer, music, arts and others. Your responsibilities while teaching English in Ecuador includes helping in organizing extra-curricular activities, and imparting knowledge regarding personal hygiene and sanitation. You will be teaching five days a week from Monday to Friday.

Teaching English in Mexico

The English language is a part of the school curriculum in primary and secondary level in many schools. Due to a lack of funding in the education sector many schools cannot provide personal attention required in the classroom for the students in the poorer regions. The students who are weak in English are likely to suffer at university level as most of the textbooks are in this language.

The project is perfect of those who  want to make a career in teaching or are interested in working with young people. You do not need any specific qualifications to participate in the volunteering program of teaching English. A basic understanding of Spanish will help volunteers in having better conversations with  students and teachers.

As a volunteer of the teaching English program in Mexico you will be assisting teachers in the classroom in the local primary school. You might also be assisting  teachers in the English classes of the Tourism students in local technical schools. Both grammar and conversational English will be taught to the students. You will be participating in  lesson planning and putting forward your ideas and experience as a member of the teaching English program abroad in Mexico.

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