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A rundown of the life-enriching projects designed for middle school students to make a difference to the world

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Best Affordable Summer Volunteer Programs for Middle School Students

Are you a middle school student looking for a rewarding experience overseas while you are on your summer vacation? Are you interested in an international adventure?

IFRE offers some of the most reputable, recommended, and budgeted middle school summer volunteer programs overseas. IFRE has been successfully connecting middle school students with various volunteer programs around the world since 2006.

Volunteering with IFRE can be your first step towards exploring the world.

IFRE has programs that lay emphasis on education, childcare, healthcare, HIV/AIDS awareness, animal care, environmental conservation, construction, community development, women’s empowerment, and much more.

It covers everybody’s interests and passions. IFRE's programs span across 18 different countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. There are many great choices for you!

Joining a middle school students summer volunteer programs with IFRE is one of the most trusted means to make a safe, satisfying, and a memorable volunteer experience abroad.

Alexandra Miller

These last six weeks of volunteering have been a truly amazing and life-changing & very wonderful experience for me.

Alexandra Miller


Leslie Slade

I had an excellent time, better than I ever could have imagined. Other volunteers were so nice and willing to help.

Leslie Slade

- Vermont, USA

Don Maddocks

I had a wonderful experience. I had the opportunity to teach children of all different ages.I am sad to leave!

Don Maddocks


Manko Blakely

My volunteer experience with IFRE has been unforgettable. It has opened my mind & heart. Staffs were very helpful.

Manko Blakely

- Germany

Benefits of Joining IFRE's summer volunteer programs for middle school students

The benefits of joining a middle school summer volunteer program are immense. As your first international trip and experience without the support of your parents, this is one of the best introductions into adulthood. The benefits that you will reap are as follows:

Learning new skills and developing the ones that you already have

With the summer volunteer opportunities abroad for middle school students, it is normal that you start by doing something you know you are very good at and eventually take advantage of it, which frequently leads you to do things you never thought you could.

One of the most important benefits of volunteering is that it broadens your skills set by making you exit your comfort zone. Volunteering introduces you to things that can both enhance your career and become a passion for you.

Exploring different career paths

If you are looking for career options, then the middle school summer volunteer programs are an excellent way to explore fields in which you may be interested. These programs give you valuable experiences, and they help you to become competitive in different work areas.

You can try a plethora of new things without harming your existing financial stability or academic performances.

Getting involved with the community around you

As part of the summer volunteer opportunities for middle school students, you will open your eyes to the reality that other people experience. You will be in contact with people, become aware of world issues, and gain invaluable knowledge.

You will overcome the sense of detachment that has become common in today's society.

Meeting new people and making new friends

The middle school students summer volunteer programs always help you to connect with people from all walks of life who have different personalities and interests.

This will expand your social network. The development of your interpersonal skills is one of the most easily identifiable benefits of volunteering, as it exposes you to a rich variety of people.

Learning about these people and their stories is like diving into a pool of knowledge and growth.

Gaining a sense of purpose

The middle school students summer volunteer programs bridge the gap between people. Helping the needy may help you to overcome personal struggles and give your life new meaning and a sense of purpose. Volunteering keeps you mentally stimulated with new experiences and people.

IFRE's summer volunteer programs for middle school students

Work in an elephant orphanage (Kegalle)

Do you have a passion for animals and adventure? Then there is no better place for you to be than Sri-Lanka, where you can be a part of the elephant conservation project.

There is a huge number of elephants that have been moved into a sanctuary due to various factors such as old age, prolonged sickness, or injuries that have barred them from providing a living for their previous masters.

To make matters worse, these captive elephants can no longer be returned to the wild, so the sanctuary is the only place where they can find food, shelter, and care. Here, they can spend their rest of their lives free from worries and stay in absolute peace and comfort.

IFRE's middle school summer volunteer programs are exactly meant for this. Here, the volunteers will be taking care of elephants and becoming involved in a variety of activities, such as feeding them, bathing them, and occasionally playing with them as well.

By participating in the elephant conservation volunteer program for students in Sri Lanka you can help to create the environment that these animals need and deserve. Along with this, you will also be involved in an eco-farm project, where fresh and organic produce and medicines for these elephants are grown.

Taking part in these summer volunteer opportunities for middle school students is an incredible way to spend your days personally caring for these gentle giants. You will help maintain a mobile veterinary units, and you will also be engaged in after-school English programs for the communities, helping them to understand and know the world better.

During your free time, you will get time to see this magnificent place known for its rich culture, history, and interesting facilities.

Youth Project in Brazil

Are you an ardent sports lover looking to share this passion with people from around the world this summer? Though sports and athletics are a common phenomenon worldwide, there are a few countries with little or no access to sports, especially for underprivileged children.

Brazil is a football fanatic nation where sports and athletics are an essential part of life for many people. However, children that belong to favelas (shanty towns) do not have enough chances to train with coaches or to play sports in an organized manner due to poverty. The middle school students summer volunteer program addresses these issues and helps to change this situation to a great extent.

IFRE's middle school students summer volunteer program for athletics focuses on helping these local children to develop athletics skills and encouraging them to lead active and healthy lives. In this process, the volunteers will assist local schools and community centers with sports programs and games.

As a volunteer, you will be leading and coaching the local children in a wide variety of sports such as football, volleyball, skateboarding, martial arts, and more. You will also be helping them with the introductory aspects of the English language and teaching them the required skills to be confident.

Orphanage Project in Peru

There are thousands of children in Peru who are forced to live the life of orphans. The root causes of this occurrence are poverty, abandonment, family violence, and disease, among others.

Children need shelter to comfort themselves, education, love, compassion, and hope for their future prospects.

Hence, there is an urgent need of change, for which IFRE's summer volunteer opportunities for middle school student takes the initiative to brighten their lives, and to help volunteers to grow personally and professionally.

As a middle school summer volunteer programs participant in Peru, you will be involved in helping these unfortunate children, taking care of their needs, and developing deep connections with. You will be acting as their friend, caregiver, mentor, and teacher.

You will be helping students with basic English, planning and leading extracurricular activities, accompanying them during fieldtrips, and participating in fundraising activities.

They will surely enjoy your attention and think of you as the ray of hope that they needed to change their life perspectives.

Women Empowerment Project in India

Women often find themselves sandwiched between gender inequality, discrimination, and age-old beliefs, especially in the south east nation of India. In this society dominated by men, women are victimized and treated very harshly. Women are compelled to face such a situation largely due to illiteracy and poverty.

Consequently, they are not able to provide a good life to their children either. Certainly, there is a need of changing this situation. Therefore, the enthusiastic, compassionate, open-minded, friendly, and inspiring summer volunteer opportunities for middle school students project focuses on giving these women a chance to fight back and lead a better life in a male dominated world.

When you join this middle school summer volunteer program, your primary aim will be to help destitute women by teaching them English and other skills such as stitching, singing, dancing, art, and so on. These activities will help them to earn back their lost self-esteem and their hopes.

They will approach life with their heads high. You will be inspiring these women of different ages and backgrounds to develop these skills so that they can earn money for their families and children. This endeavor will certainly help them to build their confidence and a sense of self-worth, making them a force to be reckoned with in their future.

Dental Project in Argentina

Are you a passionate dentistry student looking to gain real life experiences and explore a new destination this summer? Do you also want to provide necessary dental care to individuals who might be deprived from it due to different reasons?

The middle school summer volunteer programs for dental project in Argentina is a great opportunity to provide the right kind of dental care to people in need.

Your role in summer volunteer opportunities for middle school in Argentina will be to assist local dentists and professionals in lab related works, preparing procedures, sterilizing instruments, following up with patients, reviewing daily care and procedures with patients, and assisting in administrative tasks and office procedures.

This is also a great chance to be familiar with the local culture and to explore the natural and diverse spectacles of this South American nation. This will be a beneficial experience both for you, as it will change your world perspective, and for the people you help, who will be able to lead a healthier life in the near future.

Galapagos Conservation in Ecuador

Do you want to spend your time in an island amidst spectacularly diverse marine wild life this summer? If you believe in conservation and want to contribute your time to maintaining local ecosystems and the biodiversity, the endangered marine species of Galapagos Islands in Ecuador are in need of your help and protection.

These animals are on the verge of extinction due to invasion of alien species. For this reason, IFRE's middle school students summer volunteer programs work to reverse these challenges to some extent and maintain the peace and serenity of this island.

When you join this middle school students summer volunteer program, you will be on a guided hike to the nearby reserve to study and understand the biodiversity, natural history, and ecology of this island.

You will also maintain trails and signs, work in construction activities, help with the supply of fresh water, learn and promote organic agricultural practices, and prevent deforestation by collecting and classifying seeds.

You will also be assisting in the reserve to implement a biodiversity corridor that exhibits different gradients of the island. Your efforts as a volunteer will certainly help the conservation team, which will give you new career perspectives and a sense of accomplishment.

You will contribute greatly to maintaining the originality of this magnificent Galapagos Island for generations.

Cultural Conservation in Kenya

Are you fascinated by of the idea of immersing yourself in a foreign culture this summer? Are you interested in understanding, exploring and helping to preserve the existing indigenous culture of Africa?

The Massai people of Africa, for whom their customs, clothing, and traditions are essential parts of life, find it difficult to keep their age-old lifestyle alive. This is certainly a grave situation and a huge challenge that needs attention.

IFRE's middle school students summer volunteer programs understand this and works towards changing the situation through innovative ideas and a broader vision.

As a participant of the summer volunteer opportunities for middle school students in the cultural conservation project in Kenya, you will be entrusted with the task of teaching Massai people specific skills required for tourism.

You will also work with locals to preserve and document their traditions, support women's groups, teach English, strengthen local marketing strategies, and work with community leaders to create community pride and inspiration.

Your experiences and efforts will give you a sense of satisfaction as you help to raise the lives of these Massai people amidst their struggle for survival and for keeping their customs alive.

HIV/AIDS Project in Uganda

HIV/AIDS is a deadly disease that continues to spread all around the world. It is an epidemic deeply rooted in the lives of Ugandans. Yearly, a large number of people are directly or indirectly affected by this deadly virus.

This horrendous situation needs to be changed soon to provide people some respite from this disease. IFRE's middle school students summer volunteer programs for HIV/AIDS awareness project aims to eradicate this virus by promoting health awareness amongst people, public education, potent testing systems, and impactful counseling services.

When you work as part of the summer volunteer projects for middle school students, you will participate in various community based activities, develop daily strategies, follow up on projects, and formulate plans

You will also create public awareness by traveling from one village to another, spreading information on personal hygiene and offering health and sex education to the rural and remote communities of Uganda.

These timely efforts to stop the spreading of this virus will help to change the situation of people in Uganda. This life-changing and life-saving experience is satisfying for you and for the people in Uganda, who will find hope to live in a safer environment in the future.

Besides these summer volunteer programs for middle school students, IFRE also provides a great range of adventure trips, family volunteer opportunities, community service trips for high school students, and animal conservation volunteering abroad projects.

Get in touch with IFRE today and learn about the places and programs that suit your desires and interests.