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  • All of our volunteer programs are genuine, meaningful, and designed to improve the lives of those in need.
  • An amazing way to leave a positive lasting legacy to help the disadvantaged.
  • Get more from your vacation by volunteering on programs with animals, children or medical personnel.
  • Gain self-confidence along with personal life skills on this amazing, once in a lifetime opportunity. Get in touch for more information.
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Top Inexpensive Summer Volunteer Opportunities for High School Students

Are you a high school student looking for a unique and rewarding experience overseas while you are on your summer vacation? Are you trying to figure out a new way to set off on your first international adventure as a high school student?

IFRE offers some of the most reputable and reasonably priced high school student’s summer volunteer abroad opportunities. Volunteering with IFRE is one of the best ways possible to gain in-depth knowledge about the world around you as a high school student.

IFRE has programs that focus on education, childcare, healthcare, HIV/AIDS awareness, animal care, environmental conservation, construction, community development, women’s empowerment, photography, and sport programs.

It has a program to suit everyone’s interests and desires. IFRE's program spans across 18 countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. You surely have many options to choose from!

Joining an international summer volunteer program for high school students with IFRE will give you a satisfying, valuable, and life-changing experience while working as a high school student overseas.

Alexandra Miller

These last six weeks of volunteering have been a truly amazing and life-changing & very wonderful experience for me.

Alexandra Miller


Leslie Slade

I had an excellent time, better than I ever could have imagined. Other volunteers were so nice and willing to help.

Leslie Slade

- Vermont, USA

Don Maddocks

I had a wonderful experience. I had the opportunity to teach children of all different ages.I am sad to leave!

Don Maddocks


Manko Blakely

My volunteer experience with IFRE has been unforgettable. It has opened my mind & heart. Staffs were very helpful.

Manko Blakely

- Germany

Benefits of joining one of IFRE's summer volunteer opportunities for high school students

The benefits of joining a volunteer summer program for high school students are very rewarding. Your decision to join a summer volunteer overseas project is an opportunity for you to know yourself better. Here are some of the benefits that you will gain:

Helping others

When you volunteer in the summer volunteer programs abroad for high school students, you are making a direct impact on the people affected by your cause.

Whether you’re taking care of malnourished infants, fostering an abandoned or abused pet, or building a home for a family in need, you are making a tangible change. You are giving people the tools and skill sets they will need to create a sustainable future.

Learning something new

Learning new skills to enhance your career outlook is one of the most valuable benefits of the high school students summer volunteer abroad opportunities.

It might be discovering how to carry out repairs on a home or actually build a home from scratch; this may also be the opportunity to practice your second (or third) language skills with native speakers.

No matter what volunteer experience you choose, there will be countless opportunities to learn new practical, social, and communication skills that will help you thrive.

Raising awareness

Volunteer summer programs for high school students helps to keep the organization and performance of a cause. This is because when you volunteer, you raise awareness on behalf of such a cause.

By doing this, your conscious effort will make a meaningful impact in the lives of people so that they can lead a better life in the future.

Building a community

The volunteer summer works for high school students are a great way of building a community, whether it in your own neighborhood or in a destination abroad. It also helps to cultivate friendships.

Social interaction is one of the great benefits of volunteering, as it improves your physical and mental health.

Volunteering helps to create stronger bonds between friends, family, and coworkers because people are brought together to work for a cause that is bigger than themselves and beyond personal interests.

IFRE's best summer volunteer opportunities for high school students

IFRE provides various top quality volunteering opportunities all around the world. You have a plethora of options to become part of this exciting travel opportunity to help a cause.

Summer Program in Thailand

Do you want to spend your time this summer in Thailand's paradise-like beaches and ancient ruins as you give your care and support to elephants? Participate in this incredible project to and explore the overwhelming spirituality of this place, which will make this volunteering journey worthwhile and interesting.

Your volunteer summer projects for high school students of 15 days starts with your arrival in Bangkok, where you will be involved in a brief orientation session to plan your journey. The following day, you will backpack and move on to your next destination.

You will either work with elephants by providing basic care, treatment and love to them, or get involved in the construction of a shelter for the orphanage. You will devote your volunteering time to laboring and toiling manually to support the cause of the project named DREAM, which builds shelters for orphaned students.

 After accomplishing the strenuous work, you will have time to explore and relax. You will spend your time in one of the exotic beaches in Thailand, the Kho Pa Ngan, popularly known for its ravishing parties, white sand, and fantastic resort life.

Once you have enjoyed this place to the fullest, you will be heading back to Bangkok to fly back home. This fantastic summer volunteer program for high school students abroad will remain in your memory forever.

Summer Program in Nepal

Are you wondering what to do this summer with your vacation? Do you dream of being amidst high mountains and wild nature as you volunteer for a good cause? Nepal is a great destination to fulfill your travel and humanitarian desires.

IFRE's volunteer summer programs for high school students give you the opportunity to dedicate your valuable time and effort to supporting a local orphanage and to explore the majestic Himalayan beauties. This journey is a combination of adventure and social consciousness.

As part of the high school students summer volunteer abroad opportunities project, your 35-day volunteering journey starts by flying straight to Kathmandu. Once you arrive, you will have an orientation session regarding language and cultural know-how to prepare yourself for the next days.

The following day, you will be heading towards an orphanage. You will stay there for 14 days helping the kids to learn the basics of English and lending a helping hand in the kitchen as well. During your free time, you will be able to see the adjacent surrounding places and experience the peace and tranquility of this amazing vicinity.

The remaining 14 days are meant for pure exploration, as this summer volunteer programs for high school students takes you to one of the most popular trekking destinations, the Annapurna base camp. You will experience majestic peaks, interesting wildlife, indigenous Sherpa and Gurung communities living in harmony for centuries.

This experience of volunteering in Nepal will give you a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment.

Summer Program in India

Are you a high school student, looking for the best destination to spend your summer vacation? If Asia is in your mind, then there is no better place to be than India.

IFRE's volunteer summer programs for high school students give you the best chance to explore and experience India in its diverse moods and vibrant cultures, which are interwoven with rich past and glory. Make it count by getting involved in a humanitarian cause as you travel and make memories for a lifetime.

When you join this high school student’s summer volunteer opportunities abroad, you will fully satisfy your urge to explore and volunteer in this beautiful country. Your 27-day journey begins in New Delhi, where you will be briefed about the tour, the language, and the culture.

For the next 15 days, you will be working closely with the orphaned children, teaching them English with love and care, and encouraging them to be confident and proactive to take on the world in the future.

When you are not teaching, you can spend some time exploring the surrounding market area and adjacent hillsides to make your trip exciting and interesting. For the final 6 days of your volunteer summer programs for high school students, you will be on an excursion spree, heading towards the cities of  Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur.

You will explore amazing monuments, traditional architecture, especially the Taj Mahal (the symbol of love), and also the pink city of Jaipur. This journey will give you eternal satisfaction for helping people while traveling to this part of the world.

Summer Program in Kenya

Are you a student dreaming of traveling around the world? Do you want to make a difference in the world by volunteering while traveling? IFRE gives you a fabulous chance to explore the stunning African nation of Kenya and its incredible wildlife, wonderful villages, and absorbing culture.

It is a great opportunity to learn and fulfill your dream of traveling as you help people in need.

Your 28-day experience with the high school students summer volunteer abroad opportunities begin as soon as you arrive in Nairobi. Here, you will be informed about your trip program, and a little bit about the place and its culture.

The next 22 days of your summer volunteering programs abroad are meant for working in the orphanage with children. You will care for them, teach them English, organize games, indulge in creative activities, and so on.

During your free time, you will visit the nearby village and get the feel of its everyday life, which is immersed in cultures and traditions that have remained unchanged for centuries.

After completing this humanitarian assignment, the next five days of your volunteer summer programs for high school students are purely meant for embarking on a safari adventure.

You will witness some of the wild life spectacles taking place in the Amboseli National Park, Lake Nukuru, and the flamboyant Massai Mara Game Reserve.

This once in a lifetime opportunity augurs well for your future. It will be a memorable experience that gives you a sense of accomplishment for making a difference in the lives of people while travelling.

Summer Program in Tanzania

Are you wondering what is the best way to spend your summer vacation? Did you ever dream of volunteering amongst endless plains and wildest of natures?

You can fulfill this dream in Tanzania, as it is one of the exotic places in the world with spectacular geological formations, a variety of wildlife species, and hundreds of different ethnic groups and cultures.

Join this wild safari type of adventure which will fulfill your travel quest and allow you to serve less fortunate people. This can be one of the best journeys of your life.

While being a part of this 28-day volunteer summer program for high school students, your journey starts with an orientation program in which you will get familiar with the country, its  people and their culture.

For the next 23 days, your time will be spent in the orphanage where you will care for children in need.

You will teach them English and encourage them to be pro-active and confident to take on all future endeavors with conviction and self-esteem.

During your free time, exploring the village area is a good choice. You can indulge in short hikes, visit the local markets, and admire the eye-catching beauty of the place.

The remaining four days of your volunteer summer program for high school students take you on a fantastic Tanzanian Safari. In this safari, sights of a variety of wildlife species and birds are a natural occurrence, as Serengeti is host to three million large mammals, which is phenomenal.

This entire traveling journey is a good learning curve for you. It will give you the best insight into the lives of different people and the variations of nature, making it very memorable and satisfying.

Summer Program in Ghana

IFRE's  summer volunteer programs for high school students abroad in Ghana offers an authentic experience to make a difference in people's lives, visit some of Ghana’s most famous travel sights, and to immerse yourself in the colorful and vibrant culture of West Africa.

If you are looking for a life-changing program to explore a friendly country, adorned with interesting historical sites, lots of culture, colorful festivals, exotic beaches, and diverse wildlife parks, our summer volunteer abroad program is perfect for you.

Take that defining step to make a meaningful difference while traveling to this part of the world.

When you join this 28-days high school students summer volunteer abroad opportunities program, you will begin your volunteering journey with a short seven-day orientation session to get familiar with the language, culture, and people of this country in general.

In the next 14 days of your journey, you will be focused on working in an orphanage in the capital city of Accra. You will be teaching them the basics of English and helping them to improve their speaking skills for a brighter future.

In your free time, you can visit the local areas of the village and explore the beauty of its neighborhood. You'll get to witness the Ghanaian lifestyle and its interwoven cultural values.

The final seven days of your program involve exploration and lots of travel in the region of Volta central and Ashanti. Here, you will find fantastic impressions of Ghana's rich past, historical sites, forts, and castles that narrate five centuries of European influence in this land in form of slave trading.

Ghanaians' captivating culture is the base their way of life. This is a perfect summer volunteer programs for high school students abroad. It will be life-changing for yourself and the people that you help.

Summer Program In Peru

Do you intend to spend your summer doing something unique and adventurous? If you’re a high school student who enjoys community service, travel, and being throttled out of your comfort zone, a volunteer program abroad might be a perfect way to spend your summer vacation.

The Andean country of Peru could be the ideal destination for the high school students summer volunteer abroad opportunities project. Peru offers you a great chance to observe ancient ruins (you can hike in Machu Picchu!), meet warm-hearted people, and to immerse yourself in its rich cultural heritage.

The country is still in developmental phase, which means there are many great opportunities to aid the community. By joining this program you will be making lifelong memories this summer.

Your 28-day volunteer summer programs for high school students project begins with an orientation session, Spanish language lessons, and a diagnostic test. The following day, you will head towards an orphanage in Cusco for 21 days.

In here, volunteers will be divided into small groups. As a volunteer, you will be in charge of teaching English to the children and making them understand the values of personal hygiene and sanitation. Once the children have incorporated these values, the second phase of your journey ends.

From here on, the last seven days of your high school students summer volunteer abroad opportunities involve exploring the beautiful land of Peru, where you will witness fantastic towering, snow-capped peaks, deep river valleys, and the stunning Andes.

You will also see the sacred valley of the Incas, breathtaking white water rivers, and the great Amazon rain forest. This amazing journey not only serves the purpose of helping the communities while traveling, but it also gives you a sense of accomplishment and the possibility to delve into a future career.

If these summer volunteering opportunities for high school students are not interesting enough, we have many other options. IFRE offers a wide range of programs such as teaching opportunities abroad, adventure trips, family volunteer opportunities, community service trips for high school students, animal conservation projects, and more.

Join as a volunteer of IFRE and get familiar with the places and the programs that best suit your line of interests, purposes desires and time.