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Name: Michael Eggers
Country of Volunteer : Mexico
Travel Date : April 23, 2018
Project of Volunteer : Special Education(Barra de Navidad)

It was my very first experience at a school with people who have special needs. Every single one had a different discapacity, but they all had one thing in common: They gave so much happiness to me! Everyone laughed at me, children but also adults, and from the very first day I was known at the whole school, everybody knew who I am! It was such a great feeling, because they accepted me as I was .

Those people/children do not care what you are or who you are, they only want to play and have a good time. It was so interesting to see, that disabled persons can have a very happy life, because life is a game for them with no obligations.

They can behave their whole life as children, which is somehow enviable, because many adults in the real world cannot cope very well with the reality of the day to day business!

Also the host family I lived with was so lovely! They did excursions with me so I could see the extraordinary area of Melaque! I had a very special time in Mexico and will definitely never forget those beautiful impressions !

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Name: Kristina Aidla
Country of Volunteer : Mexico
Travel Date : April 2018
Project of Volunteer : Special Education Program


Thank You for your email. I really enjoyed the volunteering experience. Also the host family whom I was with was excellent. R Thank you so much for taking me into this program I will have a lot of great memories from it. I will send you some photos of th my stay as well, but I am right now traveling in San Fransisco, Oakland, so I can't upload my photos. But I will be back in Europe in Estonia at 20.April. Then I will send some photos as well.

Thank you again for letting me give my help through this program I feel good about the experience and maybe in the future will attend some more too !

Take care and wish you all the best!

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HI Anne,

Will is back from Mexico and had a marvelous time. The folks on the ground- from his host family, to Ruth his Mexico coordinator, to all the interesting people he met- were so kind and hospitable. He really enjoyed the position at the orphanage, and at the turtle conservation project he got to hold a just-hatched alligator! He learned so much and definitely made memories for a lifetime!

Now I have a technical question. I noted on your website that the program fee is tax deductible. Could you let me know how much of the fee is deductible? I am sure not all of it qualifies.

I have already mentioned you program to my other sons. Fingers crossed that they too will embark on this adventure!

Thanks for all you do to make an international volunteer experience accessible to so many!


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