What’s Included in Program Fee

What’s Included in Program Fee


IFRE Volunteers offers three meals a day (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner). We offer locally available, fresh and nutritious food throughout your project.


: Depending upon the volunteer's particular country, location, time of year and situation, volunteers will either stay with a host family, at a hostel or at our country home base. (Orphanage projects sometimes offer accommodations to their volunteers.) We offer simple yet clean, comfortable living spaces. Volunteers will stay in a single or shared (same gender) room, depending on the host situation and seasonal availability. Volunteers are provided with towels, bed linens and blankets. Volunteers may want to bring their own sleeping bags.

Airport Welcome

Once your in-country coordinator receives your forwarded flight details, arrangements are made to greet you (the volunteers) at the airport. Your greeter then transports you to your accommodations or project site. An address and telephone number of the local contact will be provided in the personal placement details, in case an unforeseen mishap occurs and a volunteer misses connecting with IFRE’s representative at the airport. Please make sure to e-mail your flight information to both our USA office and the local in-country coordinator's office ASAP.

Airport To Project Transfer

IFRE Volunteers manages one-way transportation from the airport to your project or accommodations. Volunteers are responsible for in-country transportation other than this transport from the airport. We do not provide daily transportation to/from your project. Our program is designed to save the volunteer as much money as possible. Occasionally, we receive requests for an escort back to the airport for a departure flight; this is an extra expense of approximately $75. However, by the end of their stay, most volunteers are very familiar and comfortable with their local surroundings and have great ease arranging their return transport to the airport.

Support From The In-Country Coordinator

Prior to your trip and throughout, IFRE Volunteers’ in-country coordinator supports volunteers with information and contact via regular personal visits, telephone or e-mail. Once in-country, a volunteer has daily access to the housing and project coordinators. In-country coordinators facilitate all aspects of a volunteer’s experience when in-country.

Thoroughly Researched And Personalized Projects

IFRE Volunteers offers the best-matched projects attune to volunteers’ personal interests, skills and experiences. Our caring, experienced, local in-country coordinator networks on a volunteer’s behalf, explores the best local organizations and then handpicks the perfect program for each volunteer. Prior to departure, volunteers receive detailed information about their project, including the specific volunteer work program, living arrangements and food. Please be aware that most projects in developing countries have very little structure and operate in a rather informal environment.

Safe Volunteer Placements

We strive to place you in a safe humanitarian volunteer work environment. Our projects are researched and established with safety in mind. This focus on safety means that your project will not be in an area riddled with crime and unsafe conditions.

Pre-Departure Information

IFRE Volunteers’ comprehensive, country specific pre-departure booklet offers detailed information and FAQs regarding traveling volunteers, such as health, safety and culture shock. Please read this booklet prior to departure.

Volunteer Care and Other Services

IFRE Volunteer staff in America and abroad strive to support volunteers by answering all questions and providing the best advice on issues from general fundraising to personal issues like health, culture, excursions, travel, passports and visas, safety and special events.

Emergency Support

If requested, IFRE Volunteers will provide you with multiple telephone numbers of our American staff and in-country staff for emergency support (these numbers are available for use at all times—24/7). Volunteers also receive personal placement contact details to share with family before departure. Please let us know if you require staff contact phone numbers.

$50 Discount

All IFRE Volunteers will be eligible for a $50 discount off a future volunteer abroad program fee upon completion of their volunteer project. This is our thank you for volunteering and traveling with IFRE Volunteers.

Certificate of Appreciation/Completion

We will provide a certification of appreciation upon completion of your volunteer abroad project. This is an accomplishment and the certificate is an important addition to your professional resume/CV.

Fundraising Ideas

Many IFRE Volunteers successfully raise funds for their volunteer abroad trip. We are glad to supply you with an effective donation letter from our organization to support your personal fundraising efforts.

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