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99 Best Scholarships And Grants For Volunteering Abroad


Your decision to volunteer abroad will not only have a positive and meaningful impact on your life, but it will also positively impact the lives of the people and communities in which you volunteer.

There are all different reasons why someone choices to volunteer. However, regardless of the reason, it is the action of volunteering abroad that helps to make the world a better place to live in for everyone. Volunteering inspires and teaches compassion.

There are endless benefits of volunteering abroad. Aside from the obvious, it is also possible that you will learn or develop a new skill set that will serve you well in your future. You might also improve your management and leadership skills. Who knows, you might even surprise yourself and realize a hidden talent or passion.

You will inevitably become part of a community and find yourself surrounded by likeminded individuals and new friends. This experience might increase or improve your career options once you return home. Your selfless dedication will leave you with a great sense of achievement, purpose, and satisfaction.

This journey will bring a new meaning to your life. Before you embark on this adventure, it is important to learn all about what signing up for a volunteering abroad program entails, including the financial side of this commitment.

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The Hurdles of Volunteering Abroad

Volunteering abroad is a selfless and charitable commitment that is likely to bring a deeper sense of happiness into your life. While there are many benefits that go hand and hand with volunteering abroad, there are also several potential hurdles. One possible and common hurdle is the financial side of your humanitarian adventure.

There are certain monetary costs that must be considered when looking into volunteer abroad opportunities. It is wise to take these hurdles into consideration and realize that they are ones that can be overcome. Most volunteering abroad programs requires their volunteers to pay an allotted amount of money per week. Prices vary depending on the location and specific program.

Calculating the Cost for a Volunteering Abroad Program

While your intentions and efforts hold a value far greater than any monetary value, the majority of volunteer abroad programs require its volunteers to pay a fee to join its program. This fee can cover an array of expenses, including but not limited to, transportation, meals, supplies, and shelter. Below is the breakdown of the cost of volunteering abroad.

  • Program fees:  The cost of the program depends on the specific organization. It is important to do your research prior to joining any volunteer abroad program. It should be clear as to why a certain program costs what it does. You should feel comfortable with that amount before you make a commitment.
  • Accommodation: The majority of volunteer abroad programs include the price of accommodations in the program fee.However, there are some that require you to pay your accommodations separately. Make sure you find out whether or not your chosen program includes the cost of accommodations in the program fee. If not, usually between $300-$500 a month is enough to cover that expense.
  • Meals: Many volunteer programs also include the cost of meals in the program fee. Make sure it is specified though as to how many meals per day are covered. Oftentimes, if you take any daytrips to explore, you are on your own as far as food. If your meals are not included in the program fee, then usually between $100 and $150 a month is sufficient.
  • Transportation: More often than not, you are responsible for your transportation costs. This might end up being your biggest expense. Obviously, you will need to arrive at your destination country, which could cost anywhere between $500 and $3,000 to fly. You will also need to pay for transportation to and from your lodgings to your work location. Your transportation to and from work will usually run around $500 a month.
  • Health insurance : Never sign up for a volunteer program without a health insurance policy.You may need to pay between $3 and $5 per day depending on the insurance provider and the type of coverage.
  • Documentation fees: Documentation fees can cost anywhere between $50 and $100, depending on your nationality and which documents you need.
  • Personal expenses: Personal expenses refer to any types of expenses that you need to maintain your lifestyle. You should to allocate at least $100 each month to cover these expenses. This amount will vary person to person.
  • Other costs: The other costs that you need to pay for if you want to volunteer might include language classes and local excursions.

Best Scholarships And Grants For Volunteering Abroad

Volunteering abroad can be costly but one of the means of financing your trip is to look for scholarships. Scholarships for volunteer work are usually awarded to students and receiving one can be highly competitive. For instance, the Samuel Huntington Public Service Award offers $15,000 to its scholarship awardees. This scholarship program is offered to graduating seniors.

It is important to take note that getting a scholarship requires a great time investment. They are also very competitive, as aspiring scholars need to submit written proposals, written and video essays, letters of recommendation, and a panel interview.  If you want to successfully receive a volunteer scholarship, then make sure that you apply early so that you will have enough time to pursue funding opportunities in case you are denied from the scholarship.

Below are the different types of volunteer scholarships that are available.

#1 – Go Overseas: Go Overseas provides volunteer scholarship for students.

Go Overseas

Go Overseas wants to empower people to have a meaningful experience while traveling abroad.  It is one of the many scholarships and grants for volunteering abroad that provide a community of travelers the opportunity to create a better world through volunteer work.
This volunteer abroad scholarship does not only cater to students, but also to travelers of all different ages.  This scholarship to volunteer abroad is very appealing to millennial aged volunteers who want to travel, experience cultural exchanges, and at the same time help people from depressed communities.

The volunteer scholarship program offered by Go Overseas is given to all nationalities that are eligible to apply for the scholarship program. The team will judge every submission based on the content regardless of the nationality, gender, and race of the applicant. The funds from this volunteer abroad scholarship program are sent to the volunteer program to ensure that the funds are applied directly towards the programs or may be distributed to the volunteer, especially if the volunteer creates his or her own itinerary or program that is non-existent to the pool of programs created by the organization.

Volunteers can also apply as an intern abroad, especially if they are studying. The best thing with this organization is that there are plenty of volunteer programs that you can join, which include those in the fields of agriculture, medicine, community development, marine conservation, environmental preservation, disaster relief, HIV aid, street children welfare, wildlife conservation, veterinary services, women’s rights, and LGBT welfare.

This volunteer abroad scholarship also provides programs that are located in different countries all over the world. Volunteers can travel to African, Asia, South America, the Middle East, and more. With Go Overseas, you can travel and also help improve the lives of the people that you encounter.

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#2 – Ambassadors Scholarship Foundation: Ambassadors Scholarship Foundation Provides Free Volunteer Scholarships for Everyone

Ambassadors Scholarship Foundation

The Ambassadors Scholarship Foundation administers funds that are awarded to volunteers who can help enhance international friendship and understanding. Its main goal is to enrich both the volunteers and the communities that the program is helping. There are many programs that provide financial help for volunteering abroad, and one of them is the Ambassadors Scholarship Foundation. This scholarship program for volunteers supports students from all over the world. It is a non-profit organization licensed through the Washington Charities. It aims to inspire, support, and encourage young students and leaders who want to pursue personal growth and develop their own global perspective through volunteering abroad.

With this program, young volunteers have the opportunity to work with different professionals. The idea is to encourage the pursuit of careers that aim to help provide solutions to many social problems all over the world. Examples of projects that they have undertaken include rebuilding schools in tornado and typhoon devastated communities and leadership volunteer programs. The organization provides training to all of its volunteers. They provide scholarships to people who meet their requirements.  Volunteers are also selected based on the criteria set by the selection committee. This volunteer abroad scholarship program provides funding to people who come from a family with a total income of below $50,000 annually.

#3 – DoSomething.org: Support different campaigns and volunteering abroad programs.


DoSomething.org has been one of the prime movers of youth campaigns in the country since 1996. They provide funding to promising youth who support relevant campaigns in society.

One of the most active grants and scholarships for volunteering abroad is DoSomething.org. Since its conception in 1996, this organization has provided volunteer abroad scholarship and has made a very significant impact on the youth by supporting their causes and encouraging them to develop relative programs to help to make a difference in the world.

This particular volunteer abroad scholarship grant only selects five finalists each year and rewards them with a $10,000 scholarship grant to continue their work. Aside from the financial aid, volunteers are also given media coverage and support from the team of DoSomethig.org. 

Chosen from the five finalists, a winner will be given an additional $100,000 grant, so that they can take their volunteer initiatives to the next level.

This scholarship and grants for volunteering abroad provides a very convenient platform to anyone who wishes to obtain a scholarship. First, you need to sign up and pick a campaign or create your own. Then, discuss it within the site’s forum and submit photo evidence that you are really doing something to achieve results. After, enter your campaign to try and win the scholarship.

DoSomething.org supports different kinds of campaigns ranging from teaching the elderly how to use the Internet to hosting a clothing donation drive, among many others. The website provides the right avenue for young people to volunteer in very doable projects. Currently, there are more than 4 million members of this organization, including 130 countries and 240 volunteer campaigns.

#4 – National Grids: Provides stipends to students who want to pursue public service.

National Grids

The utility company National Grid provides scholarships and stipends to promising college seniors who want to pursue volunteer programs related to public service. The National Grid is an electricity and gas company that connects people to safe, reliable and efficient energy. As a multi-national company, it also values its corporate social responsibility, thus it provides scholarships to promising college seniors who want to work in programs related in public service.

The company provides a $15,000 stipend to students through the Samuel Huntington Public Service Award. The award allows the recipients to engage in tasks that are related to public service for a year before they proceed to graduate studies or pursue a career. Similar with other volunteering abroad opportunities, the National Grid encourages volunteer applicants to create a proposal involving public service that is relevant to the place where they want to volunteer.

Currently, the volunteer abroad  scholarship program has helped a lot of promising young individuals who have innovative ideas on how to improve public service within their communities, as well as abroad. To apply for the program, volunteer applicants need to complete and mail their application form in January. They need to submit a one-page cover sheet, transcript, proposal, budget, resume, and three letters of recommendation from professors. As a volunteer aiming to get this volunteer abroad scholarship , you can create different public service programs including renovating classrooms, rural empowerment, women empowerment, and literacy and livelihood programs.

#5 – LIVFund: Provides scholarships for volunteers in Latin America.

LIVFund provides financial assistance to individual volunteers who want to help communities in Latin America. To date, it offers scholarships in 21 countries in South America. There are many scholarships and grants for volunteering abroad that you can apply for, but if you are interested in getting in a volunteer abroad scholarship program in Latin America, then the LIVFund is for you.

This organizations offers scholarships in 21 countries, which includes Argentina, Belize, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Uruguay and Venezuela to name a few.
This organization provides scholarships to volunteer abroad. It awards two scholarships every month. Each awardee is given $500 each to cover the program cost. Aspiring volunteers who want to get into the scholarship program need to pass basic eligibility requirements, which include being over the age of over 18 years old and having designed and organized a program.  

Established in 2011 by David Garrett, LIVFund aims to provide young individuals the opportunity to study and volunteer in Latin America. The organization is designed to help anyone who wants to become an intern or volunteer in depressed countries in Latin America.
It is the core belief of the organization that cultural exchange can make the world a better place by connecting people with one another to achieve peace. Since its conception, this volunteer abroad scholarship program has helped a lot of volunteers reach their goals in traveling and helping other people in Latin America.

#6 –Scholar Trips by Allianz Global Assistance: Get a volunteer scholarship through Allianz Global Assistance.

scholartrips by Allianz Global Assistance

The organization Allianz Global Assistance has been providing young scholars the opportunity to travel around the world through its Scholar Trips essay contest. Allianz Global Assistance does not mainly exist to provide grants and scholarships for volunteering abroad. It is an insurance and assistance company that operates within 28 countries. Headquartered in the United States, it aims to provide the best insurance policies to its clients. But more than insurance, AGA has a  corporate commitment to social responsibility.

The Scholar Trips is a volunteer abroad scholarship program that awards 30 finalists with a free gift card from Amazon worth $50. From the finalists, six grand prizewinners will be chosen and will be given a $2,500 grant that they can use to study abroad or volunteer. To get this volunteer abroad scholarship, applicants need to be a legal resident from the United States, be a student over 14 years of age, and should submit either a 90 second video or 500-word essay that addresses the question, “How can international travel impact your life?” These grants to volunteer abroad are a great way for young individuals to travel and, at the same time, experience what the real world is all about.

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#7 – Sara’s Wish Foundation

Sara’s Wish Foundation

The Sara’s Wish Foundation perpetuates the ideals of philanthropist Sara Christie Schewe by providing financial assistance to people who are engaged in humanitarian work all over the world. The Sara’s Wish Foundation is one of the many organizations that provide crowd funding, grants, and scholarships for volunteering abroad. It awards financial support to young women who share Sara’s love for life and adventure.

To date, this organization has provided volunteer abroad scholarship funding to 175 young women who exhibited qualities of service, leadership, as well as adventure. The young women who have been awarded with this volunteer scholarship were encouraged to travel and help people in countries like Ethiopia, Philippines, Nepal, Chile and South Africa, just to name a few.
The scholars who were awarded with grants to volunteer abroad were able to perform remarkable and innovative public services to contribute to the welfare of the global village established by the foundation.

Recipients of this award are given between $1,000 and $10,000 to fund their volunteer trip, as well as their chosen humanitarian program. In order to qualify for the program, you need to provide an effective proposal and currently be engaged in a humanitarian initiative within your community. Recipients of the volunteer abroad scholarship also have the opportunity to continue to work with the foundation after their volunteer abroad mission is completed.

#8 – International Volunteer HQ: International Volunteer HQ for Traveler Volunteers

International Volunteer HQ for Traveler Volunteers

The International Volunteer HQ is a leader when it comes to providing affordable volunteer travel. It also provides scholarship programs so that volunteers can reduce their expenses. The International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ) has a reputation of providing affordable volunteer travel. It works directly with local organizations from different countries where its programs are based. This helps keep the volunteer program costs lower.

Since 2007, IVHQ has helped more than 42,000 volunteers all over the world. The organization has helped thousands of volunteers to prepare for their trips so that they can travel to a new country with ease. Aside from placing volunteers with different programs all over the world, the IVHQ also provides money for volunteering abroad to individuals who have immense talents but do not have enough money to fund for their volunteer trip.

The organization is currently offering the Teach & Volunteer Abroad Scholarship, which involves a sponsored IVHQ volunteer program and the TEFL course so that you can teach the English language effectively to young students in the destination of your choice. As a volunteer awarded with this volunteer abroad scholarship, you will be encouraged to blog for IVHQ so that you can share your experiences with other people.

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Volunteer grants are considered charitable gifts that are given to non-profit organizations by private corporations and companies in acknowledgement of their volunteer work. These corporate giving programs are created in order to acknowledge the volunteering spirit of its employees.

There are two types of volunteer grants, which include (1) individual volunteer grants and (2) team volunteer grants. The first is a small grant that provides individuals with between $250 and $750 as a recognition of the commitment of individual volunteers after achieving a certain number of volunteer hours. The company Sara Lee donates $10 to a non-profit organization for every volunteer hour rendered by an employee.  The latter, on the other hand, grants $500 to $1000 to non-profit organizations to recognize a certain group of employees who have accumulated volunteer hours with a particular organization. Below are the different websites where you can look for volunteer grants.

#9 – Rotary.org: Provides global grant support for volunteers.

Rotary Foundation

Through global grants, Rotary.org is able to extend its humanitarian arms to individuals and groups who want to establish their own volunteer programs in different countries all over the world. The Rotary Foundation is the charitable arm of the Rotary International. It enables its members worldwide to contribute to peace through the improvement of health, education and the alleviation of poverty. This is the reason why the Rotary Foundation is considered as one of the best organizations that provide money for volunteering abroad.

The Global Grants is another division of the Rotary International that supports international activities that come with measurable outcomes. It provides grants to volunteers abroad in order to respond to social and community needs. Volunteers who want their programs funded can apply for grants from the Rotary International. The grants that are funded by the organization include those that involve humanitarian work, vocational training to individuals who want to travel abroad, and scholarships for academic studies.

Groups or individuals who are awarded with the financial grant get a minimum budget of $30,000 and a maximum of $200,000 depending on the nature of the volunteer program.

In order to qualify for the grant, an applicant needs to include a sustainable plan for long-term success after the grant has been awarded and measurable goals..

#10 – America’s Unofficial Ambassadors: Provides grants mainly for Muslim communities.

The America’s Unofficial Ambassador aim is to counter extremism by working at the grass root level with Muslim communities. The America’s Unofficial Ambassador aims to help depressed communities in Africa, Asia and Middle East. This organization is dedicated to addressing basic social challenges, such as human rights, education, and public health.

The volunteers get to experience the culture and life of their host community. They are also tasked with publishing blog posts regarding their experiences, as well as delivering presentations in schools and public libraries all throughout the United States once they are back from volunteering abroad. The mission of this organization is to not only provide financial opportunities for volunteering abroad, but to also take initiatives in building better relationships between the US and the Muslim communities.

The organization provides grants to volunteer abroad to university students, as well as educators and professionals in other types of fields. Currently, they offer scholarships and grants for volunteering abroad in countries like Morocco, Indonesia, Tajikistan and Zanzibar.

Those who are interested in applying for the grant should complete the assigned essay questions in order to qualify for the Mosaic Grant. The winners of the grant are awarded with between $500 and $1,000. Moreover, the organization has also partnered with Qatar Airways and the airline company has provided free round-trip airfare vouchers to Jakarta in Indonesia and Tanzania. The organization also provides other funding to volunteers depending on the specific program and needs for the volunteer. Aside from providing funding grants, it also provides scholarships to volunteer abroad through the summer internship program

#11 – ACDI/VOCA: Empowering the global economy through volunteerism.


ACDI/VOCA provides volunteers funding so that they can help empower maginalized communities by creating opportunities for development of enterprises, cooperatives, and better business practices. Empowering people to succeed is one of the main goals of organizations that provide scholarships and grants for volunteering abroad. One of the organizations that are promoting micro-economic empowerment is ACDI/VOCA.

This organization provides grants to volunteer abroad in order to promote positive social and economic change in developing countries. The organization’s business model is designed to help communities increase their income so that they can participate in the global economy.
The goal of ACDI/VOCA as an organization is to provide grants to volunteers abroad. All volunteers are empowered so that they can live quality lives in and out of their volunteering abroad activities. If you want to apply for grants to volunteer abroad, you need to sign up to the international recruitment system and submit a resume.

Aside from providing volunteering abroad opportunities, the organization also provides funding grants to volunteers who have good proposals to help empower people from other countries. Currently, the company is looking for students who have graduated from different fields like agriculture, business, and international studies who can design creative and innovative proposals to help communities in need. People who want to get the volunteer grants may need to undergo volunteering for two to four weeks in countries in the Middle East, Latin America and Asia.

#12 – InterExchange: Provides volunteer grant through the Christianson grant.

InterExchange provides volunteer grants

The InterExchange is a non-profit organization that promotes cultural awareness through volunteerism. It provides scholarships and grants to volunteers who want to travel to other countries. The InterExchange is a non-profit organization that provides scholarships and grants for volunteering abroad.   It has been around for more than 40 years and has been connecting young and promising people from all over the world through international cultural exchange.

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The goal of this organization is not only to provide grants to volunteer abroad, but to allow people to work and to live side by side with a diverse population of people in order to increase global and cultural understanding. Today, the organization has provided volunteer grants to students and young professionals.

The organization provides grants through the Christianson Grant, which is awarded to people who have arranged their own volunteer programs. The proposed program should last the duration of six months. Individuals awarded with these types of scholarships and grants for volunteering abroad are awarded between $2,500 and $10,000.

To qualify for this grant, you need to be a US citizen between the age of 18 and 28 years old. The international volunteer work should not be a part of a degree requirement or for individual class credits. If you have a humanitarian heart, but do not have enough money to launch your volunteer program, then the InterExchange can help provide you with the grants that you need to fund your volunteer program.

#13 – Omprakash: Provides Travel grants to volunteers.

Omprakash provides travel grants to volunteers

Through the Omprakash Ambassador Travel Grant, volunteers can get funding from the organization to support their travel and living experiences while working as volunteers abroad.
Omprakash creates educational experiences by connecting volunteers and grass root societies all over the world. The organization provides opportunities to volunteers to extend help to depressed communities all over the world. The organizations provides scholarships and grants for volunteering abroad so that volunteers can use their skills and talents to help educate and uplift people from other countries.

Through the Omprakash Ambassador Travel Grant, the organization provides grants to volunteer abroad in order to support travel as well as living expenses. Currently, the organization is looking for individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit to help people in the grass root communities establish micro businesses, so that they can eventually join the global market. The grant program allows the organization to harness potential young leaders who can contribute to the mission of ending a world struggle, but cannot afford to pay the basic costs of volunteering abroad.

Those who are awarded with the grants to volunteer abroad are automatically awarded with the Omprakash Education through Global Engagement program, which is an online curriculum that allows volunteers to explore the economics and ethics that drive cross-cultural volunteering abroad so that they may become good volunteer leaders in the future. Those who are awarded with the scholarship and grant for volunteering abroad are expected to submit progress reports throughout the duration of the program.  They are also encouraged to update the Omprakash blog to document the progression of the project. The grant ranges from $500 to $2,500 and can only be used to pay for travel and living expenses, but this is enough to jumpstart the volunteerism spirit among young people.

#14 – Jack Petchey Foundation: Provides volunteer grants to young people.

Jack Petchey Foundation

The Jack Petchey Foundation provides support to young volunteers by providing volunteer grants and scholarships. The Jack Petchey Foundation was created by entrepreneur and philanthropist, Jack Petchey. The goal of this foundation is to provide opportunities to young people. This charitable arm of Jack Petchey’s conglomerate provides financial help for volunteering abroad.

The foundation supports young people who want to use their free time to volunteer. The foundation provides grants that can be used to create relative programs that are needed by the grass root communities. The foundation provides support to a plethora of volunteering abroad programs, which include those that involve environmental conservation, economic programs, public health, and literacy initatives.  The foundation understands that the money you can generate through the grants to volunteer abroad program will be a big help for those who have big dreams of helping others but do not have enough money to jumpstart their programs.

If you wish to apply for the grant, you can do so once a year. If you are rejected, then you can reapply the following year. Aside from providing grants to volunteer abroad, the organization also offers volunteer abroad scholarship programs to deserving students.

#15 – MAD Foundation: Get volunteer funding.

MAD Foundation

The MAD Foundation’s aim is toward empowering global communities through volunteerism. It also provides volunteers who do not have enough to fund their volunteer travels. The MAD Foundation stands for Make A Difference. It aims to empower communities all over the world through transformative learning and sustainable services. By supporting local communities from the developing nations, the MAD Foundation is able to help improve the lives of many people. 

The foundation has funded more than 300 community projects in developing countries by building classrooms, toilets, schools, clinics, greenhouses and wash stations. The foundation also gives out monetary help for volunteering abroad. Volunteers who are focused on areas like child welfare, education, health care, employment skills, and health education are welcome to volunteer for the foundation. The best thing about volunteering abroad with MAD is that volunteers will also be able to develop skills like masonry, carpentry, and cooking.

The organization also provides grants to volunteer abroad to projects that fit within the foundation’s objectives.  In fact, the organization has given out business startup grants to individuals working with indigenous communities all over the world. This allows under privileged people to gain and give back to their communities. The MAD foundation encourages all aspiring volunteers to apply for funding to develop initiatives in third world communities. Aside from providing scholarship and grants for volunteering abroad to individuals, the organization also helps community groups and non-profit organizations.

#16 – UCLU:  Get international volunteer grants.


The UCLU is the charitable side of the University College London Union and it provides funding grants to volunteers all over the world who want to travel and help other people. The University College London Union created a humanitarian sector through the Volunteering Abroad Services Unit. Although this unit cannot recommend any international volunteering abroad opportunities to aspiring volunteers, it can provide grants to volunteer abroad provided that volunteers already have in mind a particular program that they want to join. It only works this way.

This organization providesgrants and scholarships for volunteering abroad and they are intended for young students who want to travel to other countries in order to help communities in the developing countries.

The organization also has the Travel Grant, which provides a amount of small funding for individuals who want to undertake travel volunteer in different countries. The grant can be used to fund the travel cost of the individual volunteer. However, competition of the grant is high because the foundation only accepts one round of applications each year. The grant is provided to students of UCLU that will use their travel grants as part of their degree of study. Students who wish to get the grants to volunteer abroad need to create a defined purpose of their travel.

More Travel Abroad Grants and Scholarship Resources:

Beside apply for the above scholarship, still you can reduce the cost of volunteering abroad.

How to Reduce the Cost of Volunteer Abroad Program Fees

Although program fees might be expensive, there is a way for you to decrease the cost.  One way to reduce the program fee is to find a volunteer program that is free. For instance, volunteering abroad organizations like the Peace Corps, United Nations, or the Voluntary Service Overseas does not require any program fees and even provides a salary. These organizations also cover all expenses, including the airfare and lodging.  However, these organizations are very selective and may demand that a lot of requirements are met from its aspiring volunteers, as well as a long-term commitment.

Aside from these international organizations, there are several small organizations that do not charge a program fee, but you may be required to pay for your own room and board and food. In fact, such volunteer organizations require their volunteers to pay a meager amount between $300 and $500 for the entire duration of the program. This cost will pay for the registration and travel insurance.

The cost of airfare is usually the most expensive cost that all volunteers will need to pay. This is especially true if you are going to volunteer abroad. Most volunteer organizations require their volunteers to pay for their own airfare. There is a way to reduce the cost of your airfare.

There are many ways that you can reduce your airfare costs so that you can still join the volunteer program that you want to join. Below are the ways in which you can save money and reduce your airfare costs.

  • Ask for airline miles:  You can save on your airfare costs by asking friends or family for airline miles. Ask a friend or family member who flies frequently if they have accumulated airline miles that they are willing to redeem so that they can book your ticket. Prior to doing this, make sure that you communicate to your donor that you are doing this for the good of others.Your donor can also earn extra miles if they book you a ticket with their current miles.
  • Volunteer close to your place: If international volunteering abroad is expensive, you might want to consider volunteering abroad closer to your home country. For example, if you live in the United States, you can volunteer in Mexico or Costa Rica instead of in India; you can save more than $500 in airfare costs.
  • Book your travel through student travel websites: If you are a student, you can book your airline tickets through student travel websites. Websites such as Student Universe has agreements with different airlines to provide discount flights to students. The tickets booked from such websites are cheaper than other travel sites. You can also make use of travel sites like Trip Advisor and CheapOair for easy comparison of airfares from different carriers, connecting flights, and dates with just a click of a mouse.
  • Check if volunteer organizations provide travel stipends: If you want to save money on your airfare costs, check with the volunteer organization to see if they provide travel stipends. While some organizations do not provide stipends,there are some that provide partial stipends for travel fares.  Examples of such organizations include YouthChallenge International and People and Places.

How to Reduce Miscellaneous Costs

Volunteers also need to pay for miscellaneous costs, which include travel insurance, , and other requirements needed by the volunteer organization or the destination country. Before you travel, it is crucial that you understand the types of miscellaneous costs that you need to incur to be able to become a successful volunteer. Below are the strategies of reducing miscellaneous costs.

There are several miscellaneous costs that you need to pay for if you want to become a volunteer in another country. Below are the different ways in which you can reduce this particular cost, so that you can save money as a volunteer.

  • Purchase insurance from a third party provider: Many volunteer programs recommend to its volunteers to get travel insurance.However, it may be cheaper for you to purchase travel insurance from a third party provider. 
  • Get insurance from the International Volunteer Card: While you can check with your existing insurance provider for cheap travel insurance, you can also check with the International Volunteer Card ,which offers low-cost travel insurance specifically for volunteers. If you are also attending school, you can contact your local university health insurance provider to check if they offer travel insurance with your existing student insurance policy.
  • Get vaccinated for free courtesy of your insurance provider: Most health insurance agencies offer free vaccinations to their policyholders. If you are a student, make sure that you get the necessary vaccinations from your student health clinic.

The Various Ways to Finance Your Volunteering Abroad Trip

Volunteering abroad is a great way to travel the world while using your talents and skills to help uplift a community. You can also use your experiences as a volunteer to transform yourself. However, the program fees, plane tickets, insurance requirements, as well as the overhead costs can be overwhelming. Although volunteering abroad can be expensive, there are ways in which to finance your volunteering abroad trip. And the scholarship is one of the best options.

Are You Planning to Volunteer abroad?
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Aside from looking for scholarships and grants, another way to fund volunteerism is to join fundraising activities. You can raise funds through marathon races, sponsored walks, tea and dinner parties. While these types of fundraising activities are difficult to organize, especially if you have just begun volunteering abroad, your best option is to do crowd funding.

Crowd funding is a great way to pay for your volunteer trip expenses by creating a proposal in a crowd funding site. If you want to encourage people to raise funds for your volunteer trip, you need to be able to launch a great crowd funding campaign by telling potential donors your story. You need a logical and compelling explanation as to why you need people to fund your trip. Another important thing that you need to do is to share your story so that you can reach out to your donors. Telling your story also provides “social proof” so that people within and even outside your social network develop trust in you. Looking for crowdfunding sites is fast and easy, just Google the word crowdfunding, create your account, and then you are on your way to funding your volunteering abroad opportunity.

However, the real work in fundraising is creating compelling content that will move people and strangers alike to help you. In any case, fundraising is a great way to cover your volunteering abroad expenses. Here are some wonderful sites to help you start creating your successful fundraising event.

#1 – Volunteer Forever: Raise funds with Volunteer Forever.

Volunteer Forever

Developed by volunteers for volunteers, Volunteer Forever allows you to raise funds for you to volunteer abroad. Raising funds for your volunteer travel is very important especially if you do not have enough to fund for your trip. This is the reason why it is so important that you get the right funding so that you can survive your volunteer trip.

There are different ways to raise funds so that you can volunteer and travel abroad. Aside from seeking help from organizations that provide grants and scholarships for volunteering abroad opportunities overseas, you can also visit sites that are geared for volunteer fundraising.
Volunteer Forever is a fundraising site that allows volunteers to raise money to fund the volunteer programs that they support. To launch a campaign, volunteers need to create an account within the site to start campaigning for their cause. Volunteer Forever requires its volunteer members to be residents of the United States. 

Once you have set up your campaign, you can start getting donations from other people, including other volunteers. This website is powered by volunteers for volunteers. Now it is important to take note that if you launch a fundraising campaign, the website requires you to pay a minimum fee for every donation that you receive. Nevertheless, this is a great site that will allow you to raise funds for your volunteering abroad projects.

#2 – Fund My Travel: Fund your volunteer travel.

Fund My Travel

Funding your volunteer trips can be difficult, but if you love what you are doing, there shouldn’t be anything stopping you. Fund My Travel can help you raise your funds for your volunteering abroad program. Planning for your next volunteer trip abroad can be a daunting task and aside from applying for scholarships and grants for volunteering abroad, you can also do fundraising activities to raise money to pay for your volunteer expenses.

To raise funds, you can do different types of fundraising activities. One of the best ways to raise funds for your volunteering abroad programs is to join Fund My Travel. Fund My Travel is an online crowdfunding site that is specifically aimed for individuals who want to volunteer or study abroad. The crowdfunding site believes that it is difficult to volunteer and travel at the same time, if you do not have enough money. The aim of this site is to provide you with a platform so that your friends and even other people can help fund your volunteering abroad activities and assists with your travel experiences.

With this site, you can create your own customized campaign to highlight your program, cause, and even destination. This allows other people to know that your campaign is legitimate. You can also provide progress reports if you have already started your volunteering abroad programs to encourage people to support your cause. To date, the Fund My Travel site has provided support for millions of volunteers since it was conceived 15 years ago. It is one of the most reliable crowdfunding sites that you can use to promote your volunteer campaigns.

#3 – More Crowdfunding Sites

To help you get started with your fundraising event, here is a quick list of the top crowdfunding sites that you can choose from.


Now that you have all the necessary resources for making your volunteering abroad dreams come true, it is time to move. You have already made the first step by researching. The second step is applying what you have learned from this content. You are now ready to raise the necessary funding and start your journey!

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