Are you planning a meaningful adventure overseas but don't know the best place to go for guidance or advice? Look no further, we've got just what you need. Below, find a variety of articles written by experienced volunteers, experts and travel writers. These resources will provide you with much of the valuable information and insight for what is destined to be the experience of your life.
great habits of volunteer abroad

8 Great Habits You’ll Find in Successful Volunteers Abroad

April 16,2017

Are you planning to volunteer abroad? Are you excited? Are you expecting a great experience? Thousands of volunteers join volunteer abroad and many return home with life changing experiences.

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Scholarships and Grants

105 Best Scholarships And Grants For Volunteering Abroad- IFRE Volunteers

June 9,2017

Your decision to volunteer abroad will not only have a positive and meaningful impact on your life, but it will also positively impact the lives of the people and communities in which you volunteer.

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Save Money while volunteer abroad

69 Ways to Save Money When Embarking on a Volunteer Abroad Trip

June 9,2017

A cheap volunteering abroad trip can be one of the best experiences of your life. Cheap volunteer abroad programs give you the opportunity to explore some new and captivating countries, interact with people from all over the world, experience cultural diversity,

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101 Reasons to Drop Everything and Volunteer Abroad

June 21,2017

Struggling through life’s ongoing challenges and looking for a real escape? Undeniably, you want a break. Why not make this break meaningful? Let go of your worries by choosing a valuable task: volunteer abroad!

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