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With no parents or someone to love and care for them,
orphans face overwhelming barriers to attain the fullness
of life. Becoming involved in IFRE's HOPE FOR ORPHANS – 2008,
you can make a significant difference in the life of an orphan
as a volunteer or donor.

Get Involved Now
As Volunteer or Donors

Volunteer in an orphanage in Asia, Africa, and Latin America

Volunteer in orphanages across Asia, Africa, and Latin America. You can share your passion efforts to help orphan kids, and support programs aiming to give them educations, homes, and hope.

Orphans in Tanzania URGENTLY Need Your Support and Help

IFRE volunteers Ashley S. Leichner and Ali M. Linsk need your help as an intern to fulfill a child's dream.   Make a difference by supporting orphans in Tanzania

Help Tanzanian Children acquire and learn to use computers.

Support IFRE's Mr. John Stampley as he collects funds to purchase computers for orphans.  You can also help their dreams come to life as you give them an understanding of how to use a computer

Donations are needed for LW orphanage to expand existing facilities.

The LW orphanage in Arusha needs your help so they can purchase land to build schools, hostels, and playgrounds for orphans

IFRE partners with World Teacher AID to support poor school/children in Ghana

IFRE and World Teacher Aid join hands to supply an education for poor schools and orphanages in Ghana. This is a project that focuses on bringing education to children.

IFRE and Volunteer partner up to support orphanages in Africa
Now, IFRE volunteers/interns working in orphanages can get financial support ($100- $500) from the Volunteer Alliance to help manage small projects during their volunteer experience. They can also use the money to purchase/distribute urgently needed items for the children.
Sponsor a Child

Sponsor a Child

Sponsor a child and provide hope, a home, and an education to orphans worldwide!
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